Why would a gorgeous girl fall for a Nugly?

Some blokes just seem to punch way above their weight when it comes to dating hot girls.   Is it that good looking girls seem to be charitable or even a bit dim? This is highly unlikely. What nobody seems to have considered is that such luck in love is down to something far simpler. … [Read the full story]

Davo’s quote of the day

“Masturbation is like procrastination…it’s all good and fun until you realize you are only screwing yourself”

How do you flirt?

We flirt to let other people know we’re interested in them, but how you flirt determines how much attention you get, and what sort of relationship people think you want. Everyone uses a combination, but one style is usually dominant. Are you flirting the way to get what you want? Physical: You develop relationships quickly … [Read the full story]

Sex ‘drops off’ as the years roll by

How frequently you have sex during the first year as a couple can dictate how often you will have sex in the coming years together. Surveys show that it often sets the pattern. If you have an above average amount of sex at first, it goes on even after two years when there’s a natural … [Read the full story]

David Traffic-Hoff loves the freeway

David Hasselhoff waved at traffic from the overpass of a Los Angeles freeway. I don’t know if he was bored or mad. A local psychologist who was waved at by Hasselhoff reckoned that he might not be busy at the moment and is craving a bit of attention. Hasselhoff said that it was a way … [Read the full story]

Julia Gillard is STILL a robot…for now

When Julia Gillard was in Brussels she showed a great deal of humility, by making fun at herself. At dinner, of the opening day of the Asia-Europe meeting, the Prime Minister warned the audience before she spoke. She jokingly said,”Perhaps I should start by saying that with my broad Australian accent, even the English speakers … [Read the full story]