How do you flirt?

We flirt to let other people know we’re interested in them, but how you flirt determines how much attention you get, and what sort of relationship people think you want.

Everyone uses a combination, but one style is usually dominant. Are you flirting the way to get what you want?

Physical: You develop relationships quickly and have more sexual chemistry and greater emotional connection with people than most. Sex is a high priority for you. You get lots of attention but are often not taken seriously.

Traditional: You believe men should make the first move and women should wait to be approached. Usually introverted, it takes longer for women to get attention and longer for men to make a move than with other flirting styles. People think you’re only interested in marriage.

Polite: You don’t consider yourself a flirt and aren’t particularly flattered by people who flirt with you. You place good manners and non-sexual communication. Relationships aren’t terribly frequent but they are meaningful.

Sincere: The most common flirting style. There’s a strong emotional and sexual connection but it’s done with genuine interest rather than just fun. People feel special and flattered.

Playful: You flirt for fun and to boost your ego. The most uncommon style, you’re not particularly interested in long-term love, just short-term flings…and this is exactly what you get.

by Debbie Dot


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