Why would a gorgeous girl fall for a Nugly?

Some blokes just seem to punch way above their weight when it comes to dating hot girls.


Is it that good looking girls seem to be charitable or even a bit dim? This is highly unlikely.

What nobody seems to have considered is that such luck in love is down to something far simpler. Maybe girls just like the person, however he seems to look. Maybe he makes them laugh. Maybe he makes them feel good. Maybe he’s an easy guy to get along with and dating him is actually quite fun. Maybe he’s a Nugly (Nice but ugly).

And what does it take to pull a gorgeous girl? It takes a certain amount of charm, a bit of confidence and a sense of humour. But that’s what attracts us to people anyway. And there’s a word for it…personality. We, as human beings, get along with each other because we happen to like one another…not simply because we look pretty.

So, what does it say if you’re a good-looking girl who’s met a Nugly. Well, it shows that you’re not shallow and you don’t judge people on looks alone. You should be proud of yourself.

Or am I just cynically trying to win you over with a bit of flattery? Because, you know, that works too.

by Harry Harper


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