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Internet idiots should spend money on booze and women

It's been revealed that there are an increasing number of gullible bastards on the internet. Research scientists at Mierda College declared that one in 3...

Study finds Americans are the most stupid people on the planet

Every country on earth has its stupid people. But a recent Rand study examining 160 countries concludes America now has the highest percentage of...

Davo’s quote of the day

"No such thing as a stupid question......just stupid people"

Davo’s quote of the day

"Everyone's entitled to their opinion, it's just that yours is stupid"

Girls you shouldn’t be mates with, but are

It's always a good idea to have a few female friends. They can give you great insight on the female condition. Well, they'll be...

Davo’s quote of the day

"Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid"

Davo’s quote of the day

A word to the wise isn't necessary...it's the stupid ones that need the advice

Stupid Cops

Twelve men were held in Spain for drug trafficking. The police found 53,000 tablets and thought they were ecstasy pills...but on closer inspection, they were...

Nowadays women haven’t even got time to rob a bank

One afternoon, Erica Anderson, 37, went into an Umpqua Bank branch in Grants Pass, Oregon, and handed the teller a note demanding cash...and also...

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