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Girls you shouldn’t be mates with, but are

It’s always a good idea to have a few female friends. They can give you great insight on the female condition. Well, they’ll be much more valuable references than your drunk buddy that hasn’t had a date in three years.

As a matter of fact, any average guy should have at least a handful of female friends. Normal social development would dictate that establishing friendships with the opposite sex as well as your own shows that you, well, aren’t some wacko. But, all of that aside, here are three types of girls you should never be friends with… but probably are.

The drunk girl.

Surprisingly to some, there are women out there that just do incredibly dumb stuff when intoxicated.

You do not want to befriend a chick like this at any cost, and if you already have, ditch her as fast as humanly possible.

Dumb drunks—male or female—are annoying but women are ten times worse than your male friends for one reason only.

It’s much more dangerous for a female to get drunk and do something stupid. Think about it, going home with random guys, getting lost somewhere. Not only that, if she’s your friend, there’s a higher chance she’ll ruin your night. Say she gets lost on the wrong side of town, who do you think she’ll call at 3 a.m.? Now if your buddy Joe does it, your wife will be upset. If your friend Karen does it, your wife may begin to wonder what sort of relationship you and Karen have. Tell Karen goodbye.

The hater

She’s only friends with you because you haven’t pushed it to be something more.

You may not even realize you have a hater on your team. She may act buddy buddy and she might even kick back and drink a beer with you like one of the boys. The one thing she will not do is ever accept a new chick you date. As a matter of fact, she’ll have a problem with every chick you date.

In extreme cases, she’ll go out of her way to sabotage your relationships. Sit back for a minute and think about whether or not you have a “frenemy” like this on your team.

If so, she’s a cancer and needs to be cut out at the root.

The drama queen

No need for an introduction to this female friend. Everything is a soap opera in her life…everything!

She can’t even wake up in the morning without being mad and/or depressed about something. She has a little black cloud equipped for destroying nice days and raining on parades. The worst part about a drama queen is that she needs her loyal subjects to experience the drama with her.

You couldn’t care less that some chick wore the same dress as her. You don’t give a rat’s behind about her toy chihuahua getting sick. But, she doesn’t care. She just needs a sounding board and if you’re one of her friends… then you’re it.

Off with her head. Move on.

by Jeff Millins

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