Internet idiots should spend money on booze and women

It’s been revealed that there are an increasing number of gullible bastards on the internet. Research scientists at Mierda College declared that one in 3 internet surfers are stupid and should be shot.

Professor Don Puta, who conducted the survey, revealed some of the gaffs that surfers had committed – “One man paid $250 for a plan to show him how to earn $80 an hour part time – when he paid his money he was just sent an email saying “become a prostitute”.

“Another guy paid $1000 for 1000 cigarette lighters and ended up with 1000 books of matches” added Professor Kough.

Nowadays the internet is full of adverts like ‘I make $9000 dollars off the internet a month (from chumps like you)’ but nothing can be done to stop them. Internet Watchdog, CyberTwunts spokesperson, Ivor Limpstick, said that if people really wanted to throw their money away they should contact him “If you’re going to try one of these scams just send me the money – you won’t be better off but at least I’ll spend it on something useful like booze and women!”

If you look to your left or right, you’ll probably see one of these scams right now – why not have a click and waste some of your hard earned money?

by Lorelle Heath


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