What a shitty day !

Thought I’d have a day off for some much needed quiet time…but then, the maid showed up.

Still no peace…a parcel arrived.

I realised that I needed some groceries, and there were all these annoying bloody shoppers everywhere.

On the way back home from the shops, these biker bitches attacked me.

When I got home I couldn’t even go into the kitchen because my wife’s bridge club was preparing lunch.

I couldn’t even grab a beer because everyone had their head in my fridge.

I decided to get out of the house and go fishing for some peace and quiet, but some girls showed up and scared all the fish away.

So I headed home to take a dip in my pool and cool off, but my wife’s bridge club was still hanging around and quite frankly, becoming a pain in the arse.

Finally, I went to my last refuge, my office, only to find my secretary sleeping on the job.

What a shitty day !


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