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Dear Mum and Dad…

Dear Mum and Dad,

You’ll be happy to hear that I’ve recently left my boyfriend Abdul.

I know that you didn’t approve of him because of his race and the fact he was twenty-one years older than me.

But you’ll be also pleased to know that I met a nice Australian boy from Sydney when I was in Germany.

He has changed my life and I’ve never been more happy.

His name is Andrew and he’s just one year older than me.

The extra good news is that we are both coming back home next month and he can’t wait to meet you both.

I’ll call when I have a flight date. In the meantime I’ve attached a recent photo of the two of us in the square where we met in Hamburg.

See you soon,

Your loving daughter,



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  1. I have to say, after enduring many cheezy, often racist, alarmist and “inappropriate” emails sent on from relatives and friends, this is the one that finally ticked me off the most.

    I am not a fan of “jokes” which people tell as a socially acceptable way to air racist, alarmist, “them vs. us” points of view. This is moral cowardice.

    The piece of mindless, gratuitous crud above is racist (wow, “my black boyfriend Abdul”??? Really folks? Good luck with that one), sexist (bubble headed daughter…I guess y’all have Rhodes Scholars as offspring, eh?), culturist (“aren’t those tattoo and piecing people a scream?!”…no compassion for what drives someone to do this), and ends with a tasteless excuse to peek at a guy’s sunburned junk.

    Sophomoric, witless, offensive.

    For heaven’s sake, use your danged email to connect with people. Use it to reach out and be somebody. These juvenile snickering “joke” emails diminish the sender and the reader.

    You are what you send.

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