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Wino’s thought of the day

It’s been a while…just over a year, I think.

I’ve been busy.

If you call getting into the booze more than usual, then yes…I’ve been busy.

Last year I was going on about doing the ‘Dry In July’, and making a video diary and…well, you know, I really wanted to do it.

I did try and I didn’t actually drink for the last two weeks of July. But I drank so much in the first two weeks that I felt like I needed to slow down. It’s actually been hard getting back into the drink.

I’ve got one thing to say about alcoholism, and that is, “It’s boring being straight”…you know it’s the truth. When you’re not drinking, you feel bored off of ya tits.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about alcohol, I’m here to talk about the stupid people of Australia. I am 100% Australian, but there really are stupid people when it comes to politics.

Why would you continue to vote for Labor?

It doesn’t matter who is in charge.

It doesn’t matter if Kevin Rudd comes back, it doesn’t matter if Julia Gillard stays…it doesn’t even matter if Tony Abbott becomes the leader of the Labor party.

Don’t you see? Whom ever you vote for, the policies are and will be the same. Sure, they may be a few changes to keep them in favour of the public eye, but they are not going to change.

But that’s the problem…they are only changing a few policies to stay in favour. They should be changing their policies because they believe in the policies and believe in a better life for Australians.

All of that hard work from John Howard was fucked up two years into the Labor term.

Once again, it doesn’t matter who is fronting the Labor Party, because they are just shit, and aren’t listening to the Australian people.

You never know…I could be sober in a few months time, and then…maybe…I can really get stuck into the Labor Party………God……the Labor Party…….it’s enough to make anyone drink.


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