Who’ll be Ozzie News ‘She’s hot 2012’ – vote now

Hello and welcome to the first, and hopefully many, She’s hot 2012.

This is where you all get the chance to vote for who you think was, and is, the hottest babe on Ozzie News for 2012.

The criteria is anything you want it to be.

You may like the artistic pose, the quality of the photograph, the prettiest face, biggest tits, seductive pose, beautiful eyes, or even, the one you’d like to shag the most.

The voting is up to you.

So, here are our She’s hot Ozzie News stars for 2012. There are, as you already know, a few anonymous faces to us. We haven’t investigated who they are because we can’t be arsed. So, we have named them after letters of the alphabet…Hot A, Hot B, Hot C, etc.

Have a good look and choose who think is the best for 2012.

Try to look at ALL of the girls and try to get through to the end…I know it will be difficult because of the urge to masterbate, but please try. If you get through to the end, imagine the build up you’ll all have.

Hot A

Firstly, let us introduce to you the first She’s hot girl. An historic moment, I think you’ll agree.

This is a truly seductive pose, which is what we find most attractive about her. We really would like to know who she is, so if any idea who she is, then please let us know.

As she is the first ever, it would be great to honour her.

If you’re getting exited, then just hold on a minute.

There’s a way to go. It’s not a race, so just take your time and relax.

Hot A will probably get a few votes…for the seductive pose at least.

Krystal Forscutt

Krystal first revealed herself to Ozzie News on March the 16th. She has since appeared again on August the 4th in a section known as ‘She’s STILL hot’.

She is a star of Big Brother, and she could be in the running for She’s hot 2012.

Gemma Atkinson

Gemma has also appeared on Ozzie News several times. First on March the 27th, then June the 18th and then celebrating her birthday on November the 16th. Thus making her the most covered ON (Ozzie News) star to date. Another possible front runner.

Tara Reid

On April the 4th, Tara was shown on ON and, many of you will know who she is.

Tara is an American actress and has acted on television shows such as Saved By The Bell, Days of our Lives, California Dreams and Scrubs.

Yes, we know she gorgeous.

But we’re only a few in, so don’t get yourself over exited…not just yet.

Denise Milani

What can we say about Denise. We fucked up by not knowing who she was, and then thought she was Indian.

Her breasts continued growing unabated, bursting into the proverbial stratosphere of notability and finally reached their base-size of 39DDDD. The fact that they had achieved this absurd size without the use of silicone apparently makes this all the more impressive.

Another favourite for She’s hot 2012.

Hot B

Hot B first appeared on Ozzie News on April the 22nd.

You might remember us going on about pulling a bird like this on a Saturday night?

It STILL would be great to meet her and know who she is.

Once we know who she is, you can be sure we’ll be contacting her…so she can at least make us some breakfast on a Sunday morning.

Well, we are just about a quarter of the way through.

There’s still a way to go, so get your hands off your cocks and your fingers out of your minges.

As pre-mentioned earlier…if you save yourselves for a little longer, then gratification will be much better.

Hot C

Now, Hot C first came unto us on May the 5th. We don’t who she is, but she is a firm favourite for She’s hot 2012. She’s simply stunning and very sexy, along with a fantastic photograph.

Hot D

Remember Hot D from May the 14th? She a lovely out-stretched filly.

Hot E

again, we know fuck-all about Hot E, but she made a good impression with us on May the 19th.

Hot F

You can’t forget this slutty pose from June the 6th. Hot F is bound to pick up votes from those of you with filthy minds.

Hot G

Look at Hot G…the wannabe mermaid with big tits. She somehow looks saucier with the T-shirt on. She’s a definite scorcher.

Hot H

Hot H really had the blood flowing at Ozzie News on July the 1st. What an unbelievable pose, saucy look at the camera, sexy lingerie and a body to worship, and worship, and worship. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got lots of votes…and we don’t even know who she is.

Joanna Krupa

This is the ‘Pier de Resistence’. She arrived at ON on the 31st of July. We’ve had more email for and about her than any other She’s hot girl…and you can see why.

On her birthday next year, we intend to honour her, and she’ll probably be in the She’s STILL hot section, because, we simply cannot get enough of her.

Hot J

Now, Hot J is a classy act. Her debut for ON was on September the 5th. We’d like to show her again,  but we don’t know who she is. Seductive, beautiful and dare-I-say-it…you’d possibly want to take her out for dinner.

Hot K

It was September the 10th when this beautiful woman came onto ON. I don’t know what to make of Hot K…but I know I’d like to meet her, and even film her with the cloudy lens, for artistic purposes. I love this photograph.

Hot L

Somebody must know who Hot L is?

I mean just look at her.

You could be walking down the street right now and see her.

She’s so horny looking that you couldn’t miss her…surely.

Hot L’s debut with us was on September the 15th.

I know we don’t usually investigate who the She’s hot’s are, but there were a few on our team that took it into their own hands in an attempt to find out who she is.

A few of them took something else into their hands while investigating…if you know what I mean.

How is everyone’s genitalia?

Have you managed to control yourselves?

I’d love to know how many of you are playing with yourselves right now.

I’m not a sexual doctor or anything…but trust me…you’ll have a more satisfying wank/orgasm if you wait until the end.

I definitely intend having one after looking at these.

Hot M

This saucy pose with the fishnets just had to be seen by Ozzie News readers.

On the 22nd of September, we got to see Hot M, as she is now known by. You know, we really are going to make the effort to find out who these beautiful women are.

Because, you’re getting pleasure out of them, and Ozzie News is getting pleasure out of them.

But it would be easier if you did tell us who they were when you sent She’s hot babes into us.

Hot N

This is Hot N, and she is sex on a stick, in the shower. A kind of arty photo, but very sexy at the same time.

It was the 28th of September when Hot N was shown on Ozzie News.

Hot O

Hot O displayed her curves for us on the 8th of October. I know, I know…you just want to plunge right into her. The pose is just pure sex. What a gorgeous woman.

Janice Lindemulder

Janice was a porn star and doesn’t look exactly like this now, but she’s still got to be recognised for her services. I believe she has more tattoos now, but I think she still looks great. Look her up…she’s a true star of the blue screen.

Hot P

This particular hottie generated a lot of interest from you, the Ozzie News reader, on the 19th of October. Hot P is so sexy…she could Pee on me any time she wanted to…not that she’s into that sort of thing…it’s just my filthy mind running away with me.

Hot P is a nameless favourite for She’s hot 2012. I mean, just look at her…of course she is…she has to be.

Hot Q

For the fitness perverts, and for those of you who like it sweaty, we give you Hot Q. She was displayed to you all on October the 29th.

Hot R

A lovely photograph, and lovely tits, which you all saw on November the 3rd.

I don’t want to appear crude, but you’ve got to say what you see.

Really pleased that somebody sent this photo in to us…and I’m sure you are too.

Hot R…you are quite gorgeous and voluptuous.

How are you all doing orgasm wise?

Have you held on so you can enjoy a full fountain at the end of this?

You’ve been very patient.

Hot S

This is an arty photo that went onto Ozzie News on November the 8th. Arty, because if you didn’t like what you see (and you must be crazy if you thought that) you could admire the art-work on Hot S’s wonderful body.

Hot T

I’m sure I’ve seen Hot T before. But she was sent in and seen by ON readers on the 15th of November. What a beach babe.

Hot U

Hot U is in a real slutty pose. She was sent in and we stuck her on the She’s hot section almost straight away on December the 4th. She will get votes from all you slut mongers out there.

Hot V

This is a truly beautiful photograph. Hot V is very classy and she has a fantastic body. As mentioned on the 15th of December, there’s a tiny glimpse of her nipple, which is very teasing, but just superb. She’s bound to get a few votes and could be in the running for the number one spot.

Hot W

Hot W is just about as inviting as it comes…and coming you will be. Nice cleavage, and a teasing pull of her panties makes Hot W very, very delicious. She was recently seen on She’s hot on December the 20th.

Hot X

And finally, only seen yesterday on Christmas day, is Hot X. She is very festive and she is our Xmas She’s hot. If there was a Xmas She’s hot, then Hot X would win it hands down.

So there you have it. Here are our girls for the very first She’s hot 2012.

Hopefully, scrolling through these wonderful looking ladies, you’ve managed to save enough cum to flood Tasmania.

Just vote on who is your favourite.You can keep voting until the end of January, when we shall reveal the list, in order of hottest, as voted by the reader.

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