The winner of ‘She’s Hot Ozzie News 2012’ is…

Well, it’s now time to reveal the She’s Hot Ozzie News (SHON) 2012 winner.

They are all winners really. I know that’s a bit of a cliche…but it’s true. None of the She’s Hot are munters.

We’re going to list the top 10 She’s Hot for 2012, starting from ten going down to the number 1.

Hot AAt number 10, is Hot A.

The very first She’s Hot girl, and deservedly in the top 10.

I don’t know if it’s the provocative pose that you, the ON readers loved…or maybe she’s got loads of mates (if you know her, please let us know who she is), or just the plain and simple fact that she is scorchingly hot.

Whatever her name is, we just love her here at Ozzie News.

There are seven girls with no name in the top 10.

So we, as mentioned last year, are really going to put our, very poor, investigative heads on to get a name on them.

At number 9, Hot H.

Hot H

We all love this photo…and quite obviously…you do as well.

It’s saucy, sexy…and the stockings really do things to us that we just can’t discuss right now.

At number 8, Hot W.

Hot W

Another nameless beauty. You voters are on the same wavelength as us, because she is a definite top 10 in our opinion.

At number 7, Hot V.

Hot V

Even though Hot V is classically shaped and looks great on the beach with nothing but a small tattoo covering her, we thought that you may not vote her in for the top 10. But we’re very glad you did, because she is quality.

At number 6, is Joanna Krupa.

Joanna Krupa in at number 6

We thought Joanna would be in the top 3 or 4, or even win SHON 2012…but JK is hot where ever she’s positioned.

At number 5, Hot G.

Hot G

There must be a lot of you out there that love the wet T-short look…oh yeah…and big bouncy tits. Hot G is beautiful, but a surprise top 10’er.

At number 4, is Gemma Atkinson.

Gemma Atkinson in at number 4

As previously mentioned, Gemma has been shown on She’s hot more than any other girl. She was always going to be in the top 10.

At number 3, Hot P.

Hot P

Hot P was a particular favourite of mine, and proper wank-bank material for any gender. We must, just simply must find out who she is.

At number 2, Denise Milani.

Denise Milani at number 2

What can one say about Denise Milani. She is just everything and more than anyone can ask of the female form. She was a favourite to win SHON, but just got pipped at the post. Never mind Denise, you’ll always be a favourite with us here at Ozzie News.

At number 1, Hot C.

The winner of the first ever She’s Hot at Ozzie News is Hot C.

Hot C

We really did pick her for the winner, honest we did. The photo, the look, her body…just everything about Hot C has got winner all over it.

We will endeavor to find out who Hot C is and we will inform you as soon as we do.

Congratulations to all She’s Hot entries…even though we didn’t know most of your names.

All that has to be said is, thank you readers for voting, well done Hot C, and we look forward to unvailing all SHON entries for the year and look forward to SHON 2103.


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