She’s hot

She's hotThis angel amongst angels was discovered on the internet.

We usually get photos sent into us, but this time we were TOLD to go and get our arses in gear and follow the link that was sent to us. We’ve probably got a virus that will ruin all of our computers…but we don’t care!

…because just look at her…isn’t she just gorgeous.

And the pose is just so inviting.

We don’t know who she is.

But if you do know who she is, then please let us know. It’s a wonderful photo, and we need to honour her sauciness in the correct fashion.

We are still on the hunt for who Hot C (SHON winner) is. We will find her, but it’s very difficult because we’re sort of incompetent at that sort of thing, but we are getting better.

Anyway, she’s hot…enjoy



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