She’s hot

Hello everyone.

We don’t know who this is, and we don’t know who sent it in.

But she is a babe and I know you’d all want to be doing things…or even watching things being done to her very ample upper body…yes…her breasts…tits…whatever they’re called.

Just a quick thanks to “A” and to “kokjodkj” for informing us of a particular filly on the She’s hot section.

On She’s Hot on June 18, 2012 “A” says that the photo is of Gemma Atkinson.

On She’s hot on March 27, 2012, “kokjodkj” says that the photo is of Gemma Atkinson.

So I guess it’s safe to say that the hottie in the photos is actually Gemma Atkinson…thanks guys.

We will honour her in true Ozzie News fashion…very soon…watch this space.

Anyway, the girl in this picture is hot…enjoy.


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