She’s hot

Good morning everyone.

You may (and probably) already be awake,  or you may be having a bit an of a lie-in.

But, whichever it is, and whoever you are…this is surely the way to wake up…by feasting your eyes on this beauty of beauties.

OK…I admit, she may have too many clothes on, but she is hot…and we don’t incriminate here at Ozzie News.

She may have clothes on, but she is undoubtedly a babe.

You’ll notice that I keep referring her to ‘she’…well…as you may or may not know, we do not know who she is. We get sent in photos by our wonderful readers and then we put them onto our web-site.

We do sometimes ask the senders to send in information with the wonderful photos, but it rarely happens…which doesn’t matter, because we still put the photos on.

But if somebody knows who the ‘she’ above is, please let us know, so we can honour her in the respectable way that we do.

It’s Monday morning, I hope you all have a great masturbate at sometime today.

She’s hot…enjoy.


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