She’s hot

I don’t mean to blaspheme but…Jesus H Christ !

What is it about a girl when they get wet? Well, you know…not wet, wet, but just watery soaking wet !

We’ve had quite a few photos sent in/e-mailed in recently…and it’s very hard…I mean, difficult, to choose which one should go on first.

What would you do?

Being surrounded with hot photos of hot, sexy girls, and then having to decide the best one to go on?

When we first started to the She’s hot section, we really thought that we might get sent¬† photos of some old munters…but it’s not been the case.

We are mainly getting anonymous get hot chicks. We don’t care who you are, but please keep sending them in. They can be of your girlfriend…anyone at all.

We don’t know who this young, wet filly is, but I think I’ve seen her somewhere before.

Apart from the fact that she looks like Jennifer Lopez, I do think I recognize her…but I just can’t think who she is.

Well, whoever she is, she is one hot babe, with a perfect arse that makes it all just…so very perfect.

If somebody knows who she is, then please let us know, so we can honour her in a proper fashion.

She’s not only hot…but she’s wet as well.

Maybe we could do a new section…? …we’ll see.

Anyway, She’s hot and she’s wet…what more could you ask for.




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