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She’s hot

Oh my God !

You…the wonderful readers of Ozzienews……I just don’t know what to say…

Where are you finding these gorgeous beauties?

It really does bring a tear to my eyes.

As always, we don’t know who sent this in, and we don’t know who this beauty is.

If anyone out there knows who she is, then please tell us because…you’ve guessed it…we can’t be arsed.

But really, it doesn’t matter who she is because…she’s practically perfect in every way and gives you an extra step in your walk during the winter months.

AND…of course…She’s hot.



I am the editor I am an editor Don't know what I want but I know how to get it I wanna destroy a burger and fries


  1. This is to Mond Behan – what do you mean, ready for love? She’s just a woman who is very attractive in a pair of knickers. Why would she be ready for love? If she was ready for love, it wouldn’t be with somebody called Mond.

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