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Hitler invented the blow-up doll

Yes, I know…it sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it’s very, very true.

Adolf Hitler was a horrible bastard but he did care about his soldiers and he was way kinky. You see, he wanted his soldiers to be able to have their needs met without getting involved with foreign women. You know, he didn’t want mixed breeding and only Aryan blood etc., etc…

So he ordered a factory to create plastic bodied femmes for his soldiers. The “dolls” had blonde hair, large breasts and big lips. Apparently the “nether-region” was very life-like.

So, if there’s a  collector who has an old blow-up doll, pre 1945, it’s a very good chance that you have a, not direct product but, product nonetheless of Adolf Hitler.

by Sel Hurst

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    • Nope. In fact they were technically “smaller-than-life” and had no facial features. Check out episode 177 of the podcast titled SModcast

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