He’s Hot

Hi there,

Yes, it’s been years (literally years!) since I’ve had the pleasure of looking through photos to put something on Ozzie News…and I became a bit exited about this…

I saw the recent She’s Hot, and there was almost a labia sticking out of her bikini – so I decided to push the boat out…just a little.

When I saw this photograph I just couldn’t help myself. I saw a bit of a scrotum (I love a scrotum), and just had to sneak it in.

I know…the photo is a kind of artistic, but to be honest I couldn’t care less – all I know is that I can see a bit of a ball-bag! …it doesn’t take much to get me juicy…

Well, the Editor has let this one go through – yey! – I’ll have to try and push further next time.

Anyway, this guy…he’s hot as – see you next time.

by Lacy Lovelong


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