Are you worried…? Would it help if I were?

‘Are you worried’ texted a friend – ‘would it help if I were?’, I replied…

I do apologise to all friends – I left voice mail messages to when very drunk last night that stated, “Am not feeling too well (am feeling fine in reality), if I don’t make it, the 7 million in Gold from the bank job is in the following Swiss account, get a pen quickly, to get access you need give the following account number’…then I ended message…

I am keeping myself amused (see above).

I do love the fact that both my brothers are calling me regularly and insulting and mocking me (to mask the fact that they really calling to check I’m doing okay, they are both so nice, although cannot bring themselves to admit it).

Just watching some WW2 information films with the wonderful Burgess Meredith (he played the Penguin in the 1960’s Batman series young people). I do recommend. All about how Americans should behave when abroad. It’s obviously dated but of well meaning.

Does anyone else remember that 1970’s show called “The Survivors”?

‘Zulu’s sir, Thousands of ’em’…I could go on…God I’m bored…

by Jim Aborwhear


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