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Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

I had Friday off work as I have to use up my holiday or lose it. Excellent day, awoke early, tea and a good book in bed (NOT 50 shades of grey).

Anecdotal thoughts of Jim AborwhearBrisk walk to the shops to buy some food and managed to pick up some lamb on the cheap – mmmhhhhh. A friend of mine eats all types of meat except lamb because he thinks they look too cute! Bizarre in my opinion, give me a penknife and put me a room with Bambi and I’d be having venison shortly afterwards.

Got home and some painting after a long break and then a visit from my nerdiest of friends for two games of Chess…1 game apiece, although I’m noticing I never win the first game – I’m tending to think my brain is like a steam engine and takes ages to fire up to full capacity.

Also returned my computer kindly updated, ditto my hard drive. So I have a choice of new films to watch tonight. It’s at times like this I am reminded that I need to learn more skills, so I can repay favours. I mean unless someone asks me for a pithy reply, blistering insult or advice on sarcasm I’m not really of much use.

Anyway have to go, I have to write some letters for the Archbishop of Brisbane…I think he’s rather cross with them as he begins “Dear Hellbound parasites”.

by Jim Aborwhear

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