Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

Ahhh…the last team briefing of the year.

I may include it specifically in my Advent calendar for 2013.

I must stop getting eye contact with staff facing the manager, winking at them, pursing my lips whilst giving them a sexually smouldering stare and nodding my head towards the stationery cupboard with raised eyebrows and salacious smile.

Manager asked at the meeting, “Does anyone know what Chronos is?” (some new computer system apparently). I answered that he was the Greek God of Time.

Manage: “Jim, do you think in this context, that is the likely answer?”

JA: “Well according to legend, he could change our perception of time and slow it so a minute could seem like an hour, so possibly in the context of a team briefing………………yes”.

Sometimes I think my manager looks forward to me being off work for a while as much as I do.

by Jim Aborwhear


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