Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

Well, it’s almost mid-way through another very unproductive week. Not helped by the fact that I cannot sit at the computer for any amount of time as have to keep leg straight. Oh well…I’ll be back at work soon. Just need to use up some more sick-leave.

On the plus side watched some classic programmes which unless ill would never watch – Quincy ME which ran 1976, to September 5, 1983, starring the marvellously shouty Jack Klugman, battling against uncaring officialdom .

I loved the formula below;

Somebody dies, seemingly by natural causes.

Whilst performing tests at the lab, Quincy has some coffee made by Sam with a flask and Bunsen burner, and complains that it tastes terrible.

Quincy notices something that causes him to suspect foul play.

He then changes roles from medical examiner to detective, by refusing to release the body and sign off on the cause of death, to Dr. Asten’s disapproval.

Quincy complains about Sam’s terrible coffee.

Asten gets upset, believing Quincy is seeing evidence that doesn’t exist, and urges the doctor to speedily conclude his investigations and accept the obvious. Asten invariably complains to Quincy that he cannot justify the budget for an extended investigation but is talked round enough to give Quincy 24 hours. Lt. Monahan’s feathers are ruffled too as Quincy “shoulders-in” on police territory.

Quincy argues quite loudly with some bureaucratic individual impeding the case.

Quincy asks Sam to “cover for me” while the coroner continues his detective work. This often involves asking his assistant to carry out some laborious and time-consuming tests that take him all night. Sam, who often has to cancel his social activities as a result, grumbles but relents.

Quincy shows up at the lab the next morning for an update from Sam, and complains about his terrible coffee.

Quincy solves the murder, with even the most stubborn bureaucratic officials now also convinced.

All main characters meet at Danny’s restaurant at the episode’s end to celebrate.

There’s also a popular Quincy drinking game.

Also watched a bizarre Russian animated film from the 70’s which depicted the evils of Capitalism, by recounting the tale of a poor couple forced to live inside a shooting gallery because the evil boss could make more money by having live targets to shoot at, complete with discordant “jazz” soundtrack. I drew the line at Dr Quinn Medicine woman!!

On the plus side knee is noticeably less balloon like today and I’m actually going to attempt to go to work next week.

by Jim Aborwhear


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