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Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

On the bus Friday morning.

Some great hulking brute gets on with a mobile phone as always megaphone voice, “Naaah bruv on the way to the gym innit, I always goes this time cos it ain’t filled with the batty’s, I ain’t a homophone? or nuffin, I’s normal, you know me I like the puss!!”.

You can imagine how annoyed I was;
1. Because homophone is one of a group of words pronounced in the same way but differing in meaning or spelling or both, as for example bear and bare.

2. He should have taken off his clerical collar.

3. We all like Bagpuss, because even though he’s just a saggy old cloth cat, Emily loves him, but we don’t need to boast about it on the bus.

by Jim Aborwhear

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