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Dear Woosy – Should I cut off my penis?

Dear Woosy,

I like masturbating a lot. I can’t stop. I do it to almost everything. I’ve been thinking about cutting off my penis. What should I do?

Woosy says – You can get some pretty good home-castration kits on the Internet, just avoid second hand goods because these products are only really designed to be used once. Certainly there are hygiene implications when using a second hand scalpel, however the cheese wire sets do come with enough cheese wire for more than one amputation provided that you’re not too chunkily endowed.


  1. Dear Woosy- i want to cut off my penis too. i was reading the one where the other guy wants to cut his off and it instantly made me want to go hack mine off it sound amasing. i like my penis though and i dont know if i actually want to cut my dick off. i keep thinking what if i really miss it. i need youre opinion on weather or not i should do it. tell me what you think i should do.

  2. Don’t know what Woosy will say, but I’ll tell you what you should do.
    Just Fuck off, you stupid fucking idiot !
    I can’t believe I share the same air as you.

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