Dear Woosy – Is my hubbie cheating?

Dear Woosy,

My husband often works late but the overtime is not reflected in his pay.  He comes home smelling of ladies’ perfume and sometimes with lipstick on his collar. Sometimes when I answer the phone it just goes dead.  He called me by his secretary’s name three times last week and when we make love he asks me to strap a photo of her over my face.

Do you think my hubby might be having an affair and if so, how can I find out who it’s with?

Woosy says – Often, the best way to set these fears at rest is to make discreet inquiries.  Is there some work colleague he trusts? Someone who would have a knowledge of his daily timetable?  If so, give that person a call and ask if you should be worried.  If they say no, it’s probably fine.


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