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Dear Woosy – Do I deserve better?

Dear Woosy,

I’m a single woman well into my 30’s and I’m more than ready to settle down. I’m dating a man who is sweet and considerate, but he is a loser in every other sense. He’s a garbage man, he’s 50lbs overweight and a horrible dresser. He goes to comic book and sci-fi conventions and he says, “Okie dokie,” way, way too much. He’s crazy about me and he wants to make a life with me. I hate to say it, but I know I’m too good for this person, and I know I deserve better. What do you think?

Woosy says – The lesson you should learn here is that the uglier and less desirable your mate is the better your chances are of them worshiping the ground you walk on. They’ll be loyal to you like a toothless, crippled dog.

Another bonus of being with someone who’s beneath you is this person likely has no self esteem. Ugly people always know they are ugly. Therefore, your guy knows that you’re too good for him. He will bend over backwards to keep you happy and in his life. Use this fact to your advantage and walk all over him like cheap, threadbare shag carpeting.

From the tone of your letter you sound like the type of snotty bitch who would enjoy breaking a decent man’s spirt for the purpose of playing to your own vanity. So go nuts.

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