Dear Woosy – Allergic to my boyfriends nuts

Dear Woosy,
I have a regular root named Matt who likes to get a hotel room on the weekends so he can bang my brains out.
He doesn’t even take me out for a meal first, the stingy bastard, but his cock stays so hard for so long I can’t really complain too much.
Anyway last Saturday he ate a whole bag of pistachio nuts instead of a proper dinner before taking me to the hotel room.
After working me up to it with a long wet lick of my sweet little clit, he pounded me from on top and behind for a good 20 minutes, just like he always does. Then he unloaded all over my bare back.
Now, I am pretty allergic to nuts, not deathly, but pretty bad. I know when guys have a bad diet their cum tastes off but I didn’t realise how affected the semen could be. I woke up today with a lumpy itchy rash exactly where he came. It looks like leprosy, what should I do?
Woosy says – Just be glad he didn’t cum on your face, or down your throat. Maybe you can use this to make him buy you dinner next time.

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