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Billie Joe in rehab is no joke

Green Day producer Rob Cavallo has insisted that frontman Billie Joe Armstrong's stint in rehab is "no joke". Speaking to Rolling Stone, the knob-twiddler –...

Dad-rocker Dave Grohl…hero or bitch?

The Foo Fighters made their latest album in Dave Grohl's garage...so he could feed his kids and take them to nursery in between recording...

Of course the Bay City Rollers were on drugs, you have to be to look that ridiculous

Les McKeown is eating his full English very daintily, carving teeny strips off his fried egg, neatly dissecting his grilled tomato, sawing his fried...

Flamboyant Freddie Mercury didn’t give a damn

As Long as I live, I’ll never forget my first seeing Queen play live. After the gig, apparently Freddie Mercury stormed into his dressing...

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