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Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

Rushing around this afternoon because someone had collapsed ion the office. Anyway in the middle of getting this sorted, one of the many Drongo's...

Robin Gibbs talks about his recovery from cancer

Robin Gibb has opened up about his 'spectacular' recovery from cancer, insisting he feels 'fantastic'. There had been reports that the 62-year-old Bee Gees singer,...

Is 2012 economic disaster prediction correct?

Newsmax’s eye-opening Aftershock Survival Summit video, with exclusive interviews and prophetic predictions, already has affected millions around the world — but not without ruffling...

Dr Drew predicts trouble with Angelina Jolie’s addiction

Things aren't all as it seems in the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt household, predicts rehab expert Dr. Drew Pinsky. While shooting promos...

The Models cancel concert to respect band member who killed himself

The Models have cancelled their reunion gig in Perth after band member, James Freud, committed suicide in Melbourne last week. They were due to play...

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