Keith Richards best ‘fuck-off’ riffs

If rock’n’roll could be turned into flesh and made to walk the earth, it would look and sound a lot like Keith Richards. It’s not the skull ring, the elegantly wasted appearance or the chemically-enchanced bloodstream that does it – although that all helps – but the fact that he has an unerring knack of … [Read the full story]

Sodom and Gomorrah

I’m getting older , but I still remember times past…a time of monsters. Dictators like Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gadalfi, Idi Amin and Adolf Hitler – suicide, stroke, hanged, hanged, and died in bed…only one was tried and convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity. It reminded me of how lax we are to … [Read the full story]

Melbourne man charged with multiple rapes

A Melbourne man has been charged with multiple rapes following a two-and-a-half year investigation. John Szabo, 36, of Mooroolbark, was charged with four counts of rape and two counts of abduction for the purpose of sexual penetration. He faced an out of sessions court hearing on Tuesday night and was remanded in custody to appear … [Read the full story]

11 year old boy has baby with friend’s mother

An 11-year-old Auckland boy has fathered a child with the 36-year-old mother of his school friend. It is understood that both the father and baby are now in government care after the principal at the boy’s school raised the alarm. It is alleged the contact between the boy and the woman began in April 2011 … [Read the full story]

Sydney rape & murder was well planned

Tosha Thakkar hardly knew her neighbour, Daniel Stani-Reginald. But the man who lived next door had been planning his “cold and calculated” crime well before he raped and murdered the 24-year-old Indian student, the Supreme Court in Sydney has been told. Stani-Reginald then stuffed Ms Thakkar’s body in a suitcase, dumped it in a canal … [Read the full story]

Evil Dead is remade and is ready for release

Fans of horror are in for a terror-filled treat as the first trailer for Evil Dead is released. Billed as ‘The most terrifying film you will ever experience’ the remake of the 1981 classic is written and produced by original director Sam Raimi. The movie stars Jane Levy as Mia, a recovering addict, who heads … [Read the full story]

Tommy Taylors SRU

Have I lost my mind? A serious rape on a bus in India has been followed by another multiple rape in India. How, after so much publicity and anger directed at those people who carry out attacks on females in this poverty stricken country, could it happen again? Never mind trials and punishment…these individuals should … [Read the full story]

Tommy Taylor’s SRU

This week, a young seventeen year old girl from Sri Lanka who worked as a nanny in Saudi Arabia was beheaded. She was executed because a baby (that she was looking after) died whilst being fed a milk bottle. Despite protests from many support groups and the government of Sri Lanka, the guilty verdict was … [Read the full story]

Ian Watkins is a child-raping cunt

Lostprophets have issued a statement in response to yesterday’s news that their singer has appeared before a court facing charges relating to child sex offences. A statement on the Welsh band’s official website reads: ‘Following charges made today against Ian Watkins, we find ourselves in a state of shock. We are learning about the details … [Read the full story]

Plan to castrate and murder Justin Bieber – foiled

Two men have been arrested over a plot to castrate and murder Justin Bieber at a concert in the US. Mark Staake and his nephew Tanner Ruane from New Mexico were hired by jailed fan Dana Martin, who is currently serving two life sentences at a state prison near Las Cruces, for the rape and … [Read the full story]

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