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Tag: premature ejaculation

More Australians are loving sex as they get older

Older Australians are getting more sex than researchers suspected, says a survey showing about a third of men and women do it more than...

Women suffer from premature orgasms

It's not only men that suffer from premature orgasms, according to scientists. A study from the Hospital Magalhães Lemos in Portugal found a surprising percentage...

Counsellor who has sex with her patients

Padma Deva doesn't meet her clients in an office, but in the privacy of a hotel room. The meeting typically lasts for two hours during...

Dear Woosy – Something isn’t right here..is he gay?

Dear Woosy, I've been seeing a man for 6 months and I'm getting concerned that he may be gay. He has a premature ejaculation problem -...

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