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Sex is more pleasurable for women

Sex has officially become more pleasurable for women, according to the latest and biggest sex quiz done in the US on a website called...

Gwyneth Paltrow admires marital affairs

As a married mother of two and a self-confessed romantic, Gwyneth Paltrow seems an unlikely person to defend infidelity. But the actress has revealed she...

Do you know if your other half is a potential cheat?

He's more likely to cheat if:   1. You earn more than he does - Men who are dependent on their partners for money are five...

Shouting could get you thrown out of your own house

A judge this week made an interesting and ridiculous new ruling. He said that if men and women shout at their partners it can now...

Americans need oral lessons

American teens are unaware of the dangers of oral sex, widely seen as a safer option to having sex. American teens have no idea...

Watching pornography makes partners less sexy

People who regularly watch pornos find their partners in real life increasingly less sexy, regardless of how attractive they are.

Is cheating in the genes?

By Debbie Dot People who cheat on their partners may do it because it is in their genes, a new study has found. Scientists at State...

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