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The Danish HAVE to name their children from a government list

Did you know in Denmark, all Danish parents can only name their children from a pre-approved government list of 3000 names for boys and...

Naomi Campbell is just plain rude

Naomi Campbell, whose reputation for lateness is legendary, couldn't even be bothered to turn up on time for the opening of her new London...

Good Gord, what does Ramsay look like?

Male plastic surgery is quite the rage, I hear. Even Gordon Ramsay is supposed to have had some. I feel that what you're born with,...

Prince William to “join giblets” with Kate Middleton

Things would have been quite different in proposing marriage hundreds of years ago. According to the relaunched online version of the Oxford English Dictionary, we're...

Kate Moss wins best dressed woman of the decade

Kate Moss, the Croydon girl, has been voted the best dressed woman of the decade by fashion magazine, Vogue. Moss was given the top honour...

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