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We’re safe…the world won’t end this year

Three Guatemalan sages burned wood resin, seeds, fruits and flowers on a beach outside Havana in a ceremony marking the end of a Mayan...

Damon and Noel share a public cuddle…aah

Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher look to have finally buried the hatchet after years of feuding. The Britpop icons shared a hug and drank together...

The Kissing Debate – wet or long?

Men want sloppier kisses and women want longer ones. That's the conclusion of a US study...and it seems there's a scientific reason behind it. Men...

It was the sixth biggest event in the history of the internet

There's only one story around at the moment...and that's the Royal Wedding.   And with such a massive focus on the ceremony between Prince William and...

Hef’s bride to be, accused of kissing another man

Playboy supremo Hugh Hefner, 84, has backed his young girlfriend after claims she had an affair. He was forced to react to reports that Crystal...

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