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She’s hot

I don't mean to blaspheme but...Jesus H Christ ! What is it about a girl when they get wet? Well, you know...not wet, wet, but...

The hunt is on

Seventy years ago the search began for the leading lady to star in, 'Gone With The Wind'. Now in Hollywood the search is on...

Irina Shayl loves to show some ‘side-boob’

Unlike Jennifer Lopez, she wasn't wearing a low-cut dress, yet Irina Shayk still managed to show off her chest at the Oscars last week. The...

J-Lo’s “Love?” hits the charts

Who can argue with Jennifer Lopez being crowned the world's most beautiful woman? She's been an absolute darling on this season's American Idol. She's also...

J-Lo tries to stop sex-tape from being seen

Jennifer Lopez is facing a battle to stop a sex tape going public. The 41-year-old star is in court with ex-husband Ojai Noa and his...

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