EPL is back, but are there better, safer options?

Yes the EPL has joined the AFL and NRL and is back. Now, Australia has done brilliantly in containing COVID-19, and this is why the NRL and AFL is back (albeit without spectators). But the problem in the UK is that there are still hundreds of people dying every day! All it takes is just … [Read the full story]

Social distancing for vehicles

COVID-19 has enforced governments to put sanctions in place for our own safety, and I don’t think anyone can argue with that. But when this is over…and it will be at some point, I would like to see at least one of the sanctions to remain…sort of… It’s not the 1.5 metres for people – … [Read the full story]

You…yes you! Start taking COVID-19 seriously

Isn’t it time that people started to take COVID-19 a bit more seriously? I have some friends that still go into their office (even though directed not to do so) every day. They sit next to each other and…quite honestly do not think they are going to get it. It’s very much like when AIDS … [Read the full story]