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Buford Balony’s “Rugby is better than Gay F L”, NRL round up

This sure is better than that woosy's game, Gay F L...and I don't mean our Agony Angel Woosy Balaska...she's a lot tougher than all...

Buford comes home

To my many millions of fans,I’m home.Your award winning sports writer has moved back to Australia. I’ve been living in Alabama for the last few...

Harpo had the biggest bra I’d ever seen!

Yeeeehaaaaaaa! How are ya? It’s me, Buford Balony. My ex-girlfriend, Harpo is comin' to Australia very soon. Now the name Harpo might not sound...

Buford Balony says…I lurve lingerie footy

YEEEEEHHAAAA!! Yep, it's me, Buford Balony. And I must say that it's great talking to you, my Australian cousins...yeeeehaaaa! Here in the good ol U,S...

Buford says…AFL sucks

Yeeeeehaaaaa! My name's Buford Balony and I'm a Wests Tigers supporter. You know, I just lurve tigers. If I'm not watching them, if I'm...

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