You’re an idiot, Mundine

A fired up Anthony Mundine has launched a stunning tirade against fellow Aussie boxers Danny Green and Daniel Geale, calling them monkeys.

“The Man” got hot under the collar when asked on if he was interested in rematches with either of his fellow countrymen.

“I’m the gorilla, I’m the silverback, they’re the monkeys who are chasing me,” Mundine barked.

“They are like a cross next to my name. They are old news, history, I’ve been there done that. I’ve beaten up both of them.”

Despite it being a gloomy Sydney day and him appearing indoors, Mundine joined the panel in shades and ran off his mouth as he promoted his interim WBA light-middleweight title fight against Mexico’s Rigoberto Alvarez on October 19.

“From here on in, I’m stepping up. I want to fight the very best and prove that I’m The Man,” Mundine said.

“I want to hit and not be hit. I’m going back to the old Anthony Mundine, where I had the passion, the drive and the desire to be the very best.

“The next three years are critical as this is my peak. I just need the opportunity.

Mundine also took umbrage to suggestions he hadn’t fought the big names from overseas in recent years.

“I just need the opportunity to fight the names they want me to fight,” he said.

“But they don’t want to fight me, they want to mess with me.

“I want to fight the best, but these guys have to be willing to fight me. I’ll fight them in their own backyard.

“For some reason, there is a blockage. Maybe they think I am too hot right now. Maybe they think I’m more of a risk than a reward.

“Maybe they’re waiting for me to get old, but I ain’t ever getting old.”

Mundine later put an exclamation mark on his fiery statements, posting on Twitter: “To all my fans i got nothin but luv fo ya..we gonna do it big!!! To all the haters!!! Go eat a fat dick…yu hate but follow me lol #stupid”.

by Buford Balony


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