Will Benji become immortal?

The word ‘immortal’ might be a bit pretentious…especially with all of the vampire films that seem to be so popular at the moment.

He does things on the field that are so special.

We honestly don’t know what he’s going to do next!

It also highlights how good his team-mates, The Tigers are. To be on the same wavelength as Marshall pretty special, too. And the scary thing is…he’s getting better all the time.

I just hope that the Tigers win the Grand Final because if they don’t, just think how ‘avenged’ Marshall will be next season.

Maybe the hype of Benji is Marshall is getting too much. But the game needs a bit of hype. Look at David Beckham. Yes, I know he’s in the most popular game in the world but people know who he is before they know what team he plays for, and he’s not even that great. He was a very good player but he was never in the same league as say, Paul Gascoyne.

Also, take a beau peep at Johnny Wilkinson. Of course, he’s a very good kicker of the oval shaped ball and not a bad rugby player, but could he live in Benji’s boots? I don’t think so. Wilkinson might be a nice bloke but he has the personality of a goldfish, as does Beckham.

Which leads me to Benji Marshall. Is he NRL’s next superstar?

For NRL fans, it doesn’t matter what rugby players do outside of playing rugby, which I have to agree with. But the game needs something to get a higher profile, because here in Oz, we have probably the most exiting sport, the best athletes and it’s not getting the publicity it deserves.

Remember when men’s tennis was exiting to watch? It was also because there were characters in the game. John Macenroe, Jimmy Connors. I know Bjorn Borg was a great tennis player but we all wanted to watch Macenroe against Connors because they had a bit of fire in them.

I think that Benji Marshall is already the main man in NRL, but he has been injured in the past which is a worry.

Although he only missed a handful of games over the past two seasons.

But after all is said and done, he is after all only man…flesh and blood…like you and I.

It’s a big game tomorrow and from what I hear, Marshall is a leader. One that players will follow.

He may well end up being immortal in the game, but as for now, just watch…enjoy the ups and downs of the game…the come-backs…the terrible kicks…just everything, and the drama that unfolds when the Tigers meet the Dragons in the preliminary finals.

by Milo Johnson


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