Wheel Power win 58-0…in soccer !

An amateur English soccer team scored 58 goals in a single game without reply to hand out the biggest-ever defeat in the country’s history.

Wheel Power FC netted 20 times in the first half before adding 38 more goals in the second half against local rival Nova 2010 FC to complete the 58-0 league win in the south-western town of Torquay, surpassing the previous 55-0 record.

Power’s Robbie Bowker grabbed 18 goals, the equivalent of six hat-tricks, while his brother, Stuart, also made it into double figures with 10 strikes. In total, 10 players made in onto the historic scoresheet.

The free-scoring display came despite the team suffering a humiliating 8-0 loss in the cup in its previous game, a result that now looks more like a narrow defeat.

The 58-0 demolition dwarfs the 13-0 record win in the English professional game, though far higher scores have been recorded in leagues around the world.

Australia set a new standard at international level in 2001 with a 31-0 defeat of American Samoa.

Madagascan team AS Adema claimed a 149-0 win a year later, though the achievement was undermined drastically by all 149 goals being scored by the opposition in protest at a refereeing decision.

Buford Balony says: It reminds me of the way Arsenal dominate those idiots from No Heart Lane.


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