Watch for tricks from the Poms in The Ashes

Australia has named their proposed test team to play The Ashes.

I have no doubt they will bring back the winnings. Australia have a new team who is young, but has experience…and certain to give their best.

Talking of the best, in India we are seeing the last games to be played by the greatest batsman of the modern times. Sachin Tendulkar played over 198 tests and scored over one hundred centuries. He is indeed a great batsman, who will be remembered for years.

Sachin Tendulkar, one of the greatest

This week a batsman scored the fastest century ever recorded in India. He included seventeen sixes…a marvellous hit.

We all hope the Aussies will bash the Poms, especially as we beat the Aussies when they played us in India this year. I did warn them in advance not to eat the curries.

Don’t forget, the most popular dish in England now is the Indian Curry. It has replaced the British Fish and Chips. My advice to your cricketers going off to England is…don’t be misled into trying these dishes, because you will be running more than just between the wickets. Also, wear a mask because sometimes the smog is not just pollution. This is not only because the Poms don’t take too many showers, but also the gas from too many take-away curries. Those tricky Poms will also use heavy rain to wash out the wickets…especially when they are losing.

A great win in the golf…the first time an Aussie has won the Masters.

In the UK, Manchester United won the league title, and in Germany, Bayern Munich beat Craig Foster’s favourite team Barcelona 4-0, and Real Madrid went down 4-1 to the Huns.

We in India believe in looking back in history to give us a good idea on who will win the Champions League.

Over the past four seasons, disputed referees’ decisions have altered the course of many games. If I was a German fan and wanted my team to win, I would consider how many players have been sent off against Spanish sides. A betting man would wager on how many German players will finish in full time. The greatest soccer manager since Brian Clough (he should have been an Indian, we would have made him our International team manager), Jose Mourinho, admitted in his Champions league match with Man Utd, that the best team lost. He also said against the Germans, they did not play well. He is a great manager. I have had ten rupees on Real Madrid.

Black Caviar has retired unbeaten. Not much else one can say. As Tina Turner says…Simply The Best.

by Rhandi Ghit


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