Mundine attacks Australia on all fronts

Anthony Mundine has launched a stunning attack against “racist” Australia, calling for changes to be made to the Australian flag and national anthem.

Mundine on Friday called a press conference to clarify his earlier comments towards Daniel Geale, questioning his heritage.

But Mundine stopped short of apologising to Geale, saying his comments were purely directed at “the system”.

“I apologise if my comments have offended some Aborigines in Tasmania. I know there are a lot of Aboriginals in Tasmania that are proud of their heritage just like me,” Mundine said.

“There are people who get jobs and are claiming benefits who claim to be Aboriginal because they have a great-great-great-great grandmother or grandfather. That I think is wrong.

“I think the system needs to accomodate those Aboriginals that need it most rather than try and cater for everybody.

“Maybe there is a cut-off point or a scaling system where people with distant Aboriginal heritage receive assistance, but not as much as a first generation Aboriginal.

“I myself see myself as a leader of Aboriginal people in this country and I will continue to fight for the justice I see fit.

The boxer then labelled Australia as “one of the most racist countries” in the world.

“Basically everyone that comes here, a lot of my close friends and family members, we feel that Australia is one of the most racist countries here,” Mundine said.

“The first thing I want to talk about is the flag.

“We’ve never had any representation on the flag, yet I see representation of the Union Jack – something that symbolises the invasion, the murder, the pillaging and so on.

“It’s dividing Australia rather than uniting it. For us Aboriginal people, the traditional owners of the land, we need to be represented on the flag. That’s something I put to the government, to Julia Gillard and all the politicians.

“Right now, what that flag represents … I can’t fly it.”

Mundine, who came under fire back in 2001 for suggesting the United States brought the September 11 terrorist attacks on themselves, also called for changes to be made to Advance Australia Fair.

“Anyone who does their research, there was a White Australia policy which lasted from 1901 to 1978 and that was the theme song,” he said.

by Terence Johns


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