Teenage girl putting her point across to the Saints…which is…?

The teenage girl who posted nude photos of St Kilda AFL players has continued her campaign against the club, turning up to its first training run for the new year.

After alerting Twitter followers she attended the Saints training in Melbourne today. The teenager arrived at the Seaford training ground with dozens of handmade posters in her handbag.

The posters carried slogans such as ‘scandal in progress’ and ‘beware of St Scandal’.

What a fucking thick bitch.

Hasn’t she got a bit more imagination than that? And thicker, are the Saints players who got involved with her. She’s a little slut with a pretty face and a drunken fella is gonna want to jump her…but the Saints players should have known better. Apparently it is just a photo, but we cant’s believe that, can we?

Nick Riewoldt is a fantastic ambassador for St Kilda and AFL, but he is a prize prick for letting his guard down.

David Beckham might have slept with other girls, and also he may not have…but that’s the thing, you see…he’s never let his guard down. And whoever says he has…it probably means he hasn’t…but we will never know the truth because the press lie all the time just to get a paper sold, especially the British press.

But Nick, take a lesson from Beckham…he’s never been caught with his pants down…let alone with his cock pointing towards a fellow team-mate.

Anyway, the teenager told reporters that she just wanted to get her point across that the AFL hasn’t treated women right.

Well, I don’t know how she should be treated, but she should just fuck off, because she was in a room with a couple of blokes, who’ve got their cocks out…and although she is of age…where are her fucking parents? Has she got any? Where the fuck are you, parents?

Todays society means that todays 17 year olds are yesterdays 25 year olds, but seriously…what does she think she’s doing with the very crappy, very lame hand written, load of shit posters? Hasn’t she heard of a printer?

But it’s a difficult situation. Riewoldt and Nick Dal Santo should not have been with a young girl in the first place…even if she is a little cunt.

They both should know that even though it’s legal…it is still highly immoral.

by Terence Johns


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