Sydney FC – worst song timing, and thickest fans

I know this is old news, but I have to mention the Sydney fans in the FFA Cup final last week – the worst timing for a song in A-League history.Sydney fans were singing to Tim Cahill, ‘Here for the money, You’re only here for the money’ – he then went and scored, what turned out, to be the winning goal fpr Melbourne City’s first silverware.


When Cahill left the field with an injury after being on ther end of a bad tackle, he applauded the Sydney fans. He said they spurred him on when they were negatively singing in regards to his move to Melbourne.

But it’s got to be said, the Sydney fans are pretty thick – like Tim Cahill needs the money? That’s why everyone has got to love Tim Cahill…it’s for the love of the game.

Cahill said, ‘My job is to be in the box and if I score then great, if not then I was pretty sure we were still going to win.’

Cahill, 37 next week, did rehab on his knee until the early hours of Thursday morning and could walk, albeit gingerly, at the team’s recovery session.

by Buford Balony


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