Spurs unstoppable with Beckham, says Harry

Harry Redknapp reckons Spurs will be unstoppable once David Beckham starts pinging the ball on to Peter Crouch’s head.

The Spurs boss is “90 per cent certain” the former England skipper will join on loan from LA Galaxy for eight weeks.

There was a suggestion that Beckham-mania could hit White Hart Lane tomorrow with an unveiling before the FA Cup tie with Charlton.

But Spurs and Galaxy are still some way apart on Beckham’s wages.

At 35, Becks knows he will not play every minute but Redknapp is already licking his lips at the prospect of some cultured cameos.

He said, “It ain’t no good having Peter Crouch if you can’t get the ball to him in the air. I said that to  the players the other night that ‘their  central defender is 5ft 10in, Peter Crouch is 7ft 4in.

“If we hit him when we have got in good positions, then Crouchie can’t fail to win the ball. It ain’t rocket science lads’.

“After 15 minutes we hit a ball, Crouchie gets up, heads it and Rafa van der Vaart heads it in the net.

“It was very simple, but I was sitting there waiting another hour for us to do it again.

“Beckham will go, I’m sure, ‘There you go, head that’. He has the ability to drop the ball into him 19 times out of 20.”

And Harry had a message for the pessimists who fear Becks is past his prime.

He said, “Do you think he would come here with a fantastic reputation, all that wealth and make himself a fool?

“Why would he ruin his whole reputation by coming here for a few weeks for people to say ‘He’s finished, he’s gone’?

“He’s not stupid. He knows his body, he knows what he can still do otherwise he wouldn’t be coming.

“He’s not a punch drunk heavyweight champion coming back, who’s washed up, skint and comes and has another fight and gets knocked out.

“This is a boy who’s in, not the prime of his football life, but in the prime of life.”

Redknapp is willing to let David Bentley go out on loan to Birmingahm to make way for Beckham, with Jonathan Woodgate and Jamie O’Hara also available.

But anyone who wants Robbie Keane must pay £7m, with a deal for the Irishman to join Birmingham not yet dead, according to Redknapp.

But Spurs fans can forget about prising England striker Andy Carroll from Newcastle.

Redknapp said, “I like Carroll, but there’s nothing going to happen there.

‘‘Newcastle aren’t looking to shift him.”

by Terence Johns


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