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Socceroos maintain FIFA World Rankings

World Cup winner Spain stay atop the FIFA monthly rankings, while the Socceroos maintain their status just outside the top-20.

Asian Cup champions Japan are also up two spots at No.15, while Australia’s second-placed finish in Qatar see the Socceroos, who play Germany in a friendly on March 29, remain static at No.21.

Spain lead an unchanged all-European top three from the Netherlands and Germany, but Argentina rise above Brazil to be South America’s best.

Argentina were rewarded for a 2-1 victory over Portugal in a friendly, while Brazil lost 1-0 to France.

Croatia climb one to No.8, trading places with Portugal. Greece completes the top 10, pipping 2006 World Cup winner Italy by one spot.

Ghana lead African countries at No.16.

The US dropped one to No.19 but still lead CONCACAF region teams.

FIFA World Rankings

  1. Spain (1)
    2. Netherlands (2)
    3. Germany (3)
    4. Argentina (5)
    5. Brazil (4)
    6. England (6)
    7. Uruguay (7)
    8. Croatia (9)
    9. Portugal (8)
    10. Greece (10)
    11. Italy (13)
    (tie). Norway (11)
    13. Russia (12)
    14. Chile (14)
    15. Japan (17)
    16. Ghana (15)
    17. Slovenia (16)
    18. France (19)
    19. United States (18)
    20. Serbia (23)
    21. Australia (21)

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