Rodwell won appeal for ‘soft as shit’ red card

Everton midfielder Jack Rodwell has won his appeal against the red card he was shown during the Barclays Premier League defeat by Liverpool.

Something has to be done about the card happy refs or they will ruin the game.

Everton fans were enraged when referee Martin Atkinson showed Rodwell a red card for a challenge on Liverpool striker Luis Suarez after 23 minutes of the Barclays Premier League match, won 2-0 byLiverpool.

Grant of Liverpool said of Atkinson in a comment on our Merseyside derby report: “Absolutely disgraceful refereeing. He should be sacked for that display. How can any team have even the slightest hope of winning when you’re playing 10 v 12? The ref ruined what would have been an incredible game. He doesn’t deserve a job at Tesco’s let alone as a referee.”

Jason of Brisbane, meanwhile, noted: “Hard to tell what that game would have been like if not for that send off. Only the most one-eyed Liverpoo lfan could say that that challenge deserved a red.”

Replays vindicated the fans’ opinion, showing the Everton midfielder clearly took the ball before the momentum of the tackle saw him collide with the Uruguayan.

And that viewpoint was backed by Football Association officials, who upheld Everton’s appeal against the referee’s decision.

Rodwell will no longer have to serve a three-match ban – the normal punishment for a straight red card.

“I thought it ruined the game,” Everton manager David Moyes said of the red card after the Merseyside derby.

“There are a lot of questions asked about tackles in derbies, but it wasn’t down to a bad tackle by a player.”

Buford Balony says: The sending off was a disgrace. I still can’t believe how big soccer is in the UK when see how WIMPY the game and players are. Poms think they are so tough when really, watching the game they love they are PUSSIES. When you hear them talk they always say “it’s still a man’s game”. My only comment to that is “my ass”. Maybe Gareth Ellis should take up soccer and show them a real man.


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