Rahndi Ghit’s view of the Indian Super League

The Indian Super League is in its third season – the games are getting stronger, as is the quality.

Indian players are famous for their bravery and courage. Perhaps less skills than their coaches…who are just oozing quality. Molina from Spain, Marco Materazzi, Gianluca Zumbrota, Zico from Brazil, Steve Coppell…and the list goes on.


The Indians are well known for their stamina during the games. India produces the best squash players, as well as that insane game called Kabadi – when you have to hold your breath while trying to wrestle someone across the line…absolutely mental! – they must have endless stamina.

This week our best striker was knocked over when challenging for the ball. Man-Get-Out is his name. Although in India it is said as one word…Mange Tout.

The tackles are ferocious. The referee often waves ‘play on’, which is good to see.

One of the games last week, the referee saw a player was injured and sent on the stretcher-bearers.

Unfortunately the stretcher had been loaned out to the scouts and so the hammock was sent on, carried by two-char-Wallal. They managed to drop the player three times on the way out to the dressing room. He was immediately sent to the police station for forensic and DNA testing. They discovered signs on his chest of stud marks from a Lionel Messi boot.

It was discovered that the centre half from his own team had rushed up to protect him when he was knocked over, and had accidentally stamped on his chest. He was wearing number thirteen boots but could not afford Messi boots.

On Tuesday, the player reported for training and was fully recovered, except he had a belly-ache, which he put down to a chick pea curry after the game.

Latest reports show that Millwall fans from South London have been over to India, after teaching the fans new songs to sing – however, very nasty shouting at the referee and lines men has been punished with ejection from the ground. Disputing the parentage of the officials and comments on their sexual preferences is abhorrent to fans who spent time checking their birth certificates.

The delivery of the ball was changed from parcel post to air mail, when a helicopter delivered the ball, but as it was the time of monsoon and the helicopter sank. Next week a seaplane has been put on standby.

Happy sportsmanship to all our new fans.

by Rahndi Ghit


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