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Psychic results of the 2012 London Olympics

It was many years ago my grandfather told me the story of a supposed Olympic Games, held in byegone days.

A noted psychic by the name of “Psychic George”, had predicted the winners of the gold medals before the games had started.  So with the next games a mere few months away, I pass on his latest prediction  to you for your consideration. They could be inaccurate as he has started dribbling lately.

Obviously the gold for diving goes to Italy.

The gold for hand ball to Argentina.

Ireland wins the uphill water ski races.

Holland the gold for horticulture specialising in grass.

Mexico gets gold for waving.

USA gets gold for most foreign trips with guns.

Switzerland a gold for yodelling.

Germany gold for best sense of humour.

The UK wins for apathy.

Canada for bear hugging.

Russia gets gold for best vodka drinkers.

Greece has gold for face pulling (trying to smile when accepting a loan from Germany).

Egypt wins for sand castles.

France, allegedly, for licking german boots.

Spain gets gold for football, some said unkindly, with help from refs.

And finally, South Africa get a gold for friendliest policemen.

A first for these games is a gold for New Zealand. They will of course win a medal for Vowel Mangle-ing.

We would have to obvious gold medals. The first for fair play and the second for sportsmanship.

I can’t say that George was always right. He had a few countries he preferred…and some he downright disliked. It is difficult to judge just which he preferred from his predictions.

Perhaps you have a prediction on which countries you think will win the medals?

Must go now, as George is predicting the next soccer World Cup.

How do you spell Qatar?

Enjoy the games.

by TOG and the dribbling Psychic George

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