Ponting deserves some respect

First spread rumours about your captain, get the team unsettled, push for changes, add other names to the pot.


Is it fair? Does Ponting deserve to be attacked in the middle of a tournament?

He responded like the true captain he is with a century. Pity the players when the rumours  judge the next subject of their arrows. If the committee were unhappy with Ponting, then they should have sacked him after losing the Ashes series. They did not and quite rightly as his abilities are an asset to our country.

And let’s not forget that his record as captain is second to none. Yes, I know it doesn’t make Ricky Ponting the best captain we’ve ever had, but it’s not something to be sniffed at.

Instead of attacking him personally just before the India game, they should be giving the sub continent the credit they are due…rather than demoralise our own team. 

Come on lads, play the game, treat our captain with respect.

by Terence Johns


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